Sundowners 4x4

About Us

The History:

The club started in April 1976 as a group of folks who loved the sport and concentrated mostly on 4x4 racing activities. Eventually, the love for racing faded and the club found themselves enjoying the trail rides and other aspects of four-wheeling. Read more about our history here.

The Name:

"Sundowners" was chosen because the club realized that every time they went four-wheeling, intending to be home before dinner, they found themselves out, long after sundown, trying to get themselves out of whatever predicament they were in.


Second Thursday of every month at Club Car, 6225 West D Avenue, Kalamazoo MI at 7pm. Everyone is invited to arrive at 5:30 for dinner prior to the meeting.


Membership dues are $60 in 2021 per family. They expire annually. This will include memberships to Sundowners 4x4, and Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association. Dues are due January 1st. You can pay/join up to 3 months early and receive 3 free months of the e-news letter.

As members, you will receive monthly newsletters from Sundowners 4x4 along with publications from United and Great Lakes. Members of Sundowners, will receive access to our Facebook group to keep up to date on events as well as contacting friends.

To join us, please visit one of our monthly meetings or contact an officer for more information.